My first experience with computers came when my grandpa introduced me to the game “Mixed-Up Mother Goose” as a child. My love of computers only grew from there. I taught myself HTML and CSS towards the end of high school and continued making sites into college, when I discovered WordPress. Although I originally began customizing things the wrong way – directly through the parent theme (don’t ever do that) – I eventually learned better. I still want to get more into the development aspect someday, but for now I’m focusing on support.

I first got into support by way of a Hawai’i message board probably 14-16 years ago now. My love of Hawai’i made it fun and easy to answer questions people had or try and point them in the right direction. The site eventually started a point system and the more you were on the site (not just answering questions), the more points you earned. Every point earned you an entry into a monthly drawing for a one-week vacation in Hawai’i. What I considered a fun hobby had an unexpected consequence when I won the prize in 2004, shortly before I left for the U.S. Navy. Although I’m not active on those forums any more, I still keep in touch with some of the friends I met through them.

Swap “WordPress” for “Hawai’i” and that’s exactly where I find myself today. I really got into the forums around November of 2015 by searching for an answer to my own question.  While I was browsing, I saw a thread I knew the answer to.  I was happy to be able to help someone else out and that led to me to checking out some of the other questions.  I kept telling myself “just one more,” and here I am 7 months later with a goal of spending at least an hour on the forums every day, whether it be answering posts or cleaning up spam; I love to eat SPAM, but hate spam on the forums.  My timing was perfect on becoming active in the forums, as I attended WordCamp US in December and had a chance to meet a number of people on the Support Team; I’m hoping to see a lot of them again this year!  I’m very honored to be a volunteer moderator on the WordPress.org forums and a member of the Support Team.


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  1. Hi Geoffrey, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. I can see you just started blogging and have quite some interesting reads. It takes a gradual process to fully get settled into the blogosphere. It’s an interesting ride though. All the best and cheers to blogging! 🙂

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