Weekly Progress Report: April 2-9, 2017

Weekly Progress Report: April 2-9, 2017

I mentioned there would be changes for a while until I got things organized, didn’t I?

I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t publish on a weekend because you won’t get as much traffic.  That makes sense, but starting next week that’s exactly what I’m doing. As I  mentioned before, the main purpose of this is to keep me on track and a way to look back on what I’ve been doing.

It doesn’t make sense to have Saturday and Sunday on different weekly reports.  Instead of having the weekly report end on Saturday, I’ve shifted it to run Monday through  Sunday.

Another change this week is the name of One More Mug. It’s becoming Mug Monday and – you guessed it – posted on Mondays instead of Wednesdays.

I had set some guides a while back to help me keep my focus each day.  I’m updating these a bit so they are more realistic.  This daily guide is changing to weekly goals,  though I will still track things on a daily basis.  You may also notice some of the focus has shifted so what I’m working on actually fits in with my priorities.  I’ve cut back on development and added in time for improving support.  The focus of this area is more about finding ways to improve support rather than providing support itself.  While I do enjoy development and will continue to learn, I really like helping people.

I’m basing this on a five-day week to allow some flexibility while still being simple to track.  That leaves me with the following breakdown  each week:

  • WordPress.org Forums: 3 Hours/Week
    Purpose:  Providing support and moderation for the forums.  I haven’t been on the forums as much as would like and am looking forward to getting back into things.
  • WordPress.com Forums:  5 Hours/Week
    Purpose:  Providing support on the forums.
  • Learning – Customer Service/Happiness:  2 Hours/Week
    Purpose:  This time will be spent learning how to improve support/customer service.  I’ll be using a variety of things such as Lynda.com courses to books or other methods I find.
  • Learning – Development:  2 Hours/Week
    Purpose:  This time will be spent improving my developer skills.
  • Development/Projects: 2 Hours/Week
    Purpose:  I’m by no means a developer, but I have a list of sites to create for friends and family.
  • Reading: 2 Hours/Week
    Purpose:  This is more general reading and can include any topic.
  • Fitness:  Run:  10 miles, Push-Ups:  125, Sit-Ups:  125
    Purpose:  My primary goal for staying fit is to be around for my kids and continue to play (and keep up) with them as they grow.  Another goal for this is to make sure I’m physically fit for my duties as a volunteer firefighter.  Finally, the better shape I’m in, the better score I get on our Navy Reserve Physical Readiness Test (PRT).  Read more about the Physical Readiness Standards.  I received a GIVE SCORE last October.  We have another one coming up next month.  My goal for October is to achieve an Outstanding Low.  For my age group, that means I need to do this:

    • Run 1.5 miles in 9:25
    • 88 Curl-Ups in 2 minutes
    • 70 Push-Ups in 2 minutes
  • Navy:  2 Hours
    Purpose:  I’m the leading petty officer (LPO) of our Navy Reserve unit.  That makes me responsible for and to our enlisted members.  This is still a fairly new role for me and I’m getting settled into the position and what works for me.  I’m also our training petty officer (PO).  The Training PO is in charge of planning and coordinating enlisted training for the unit.  I will spend this time assisting our sailors with any problems, planning upcoming training, and taking online courses to better myself as an LPO.

Based on this, I’ll I broke this down into how much time I will need to spend each day.  Keep in mind this is based on a five-day week.

  • WordPress.org Forums: 36 minutes
  • WordPress.com Forums:  60 minutes
  • Learning – Customer Service/Happiness:  24 minutes
  • Learning – Development:  24 minutes
  • Development/Projects:  24 minutes
  • Reading:  24 minutes
  • Fitness:  The time for this will vary quite a bit.
  • Navy:   24 minutes

SUPPORT/HAPPINESS.  I started Customer Service Foundations on Lynda.com.  Although I’m not too far into it, I’ve already taken away some good information.

LEARNING.  I’m continuing to make progress on the Become a PHP Developer learning path on Lynda.com. This week I’m 45% done with the JavaScript Essential Training course.


  • Tuesday:  Our regular training meeting was replaced by a township meeting to discuss a joint fire district.  You can read more about it in Joint fire district: Levy not first step.
  • Wednesday:  We had a house fire little after 9:00 PM.  As things were calming down, I started getting a sharp pain in my lower stomach.  A couple medics gave me their opinion and I left the scene around 3:00 AM headed to the hospital for some testing.  The symptoms pointed to my appendix, so I had to make sure everything was clear there.  Luckily it was not my appendix.  It was some kind of inflammation/virus.  This left me on the couch all day Thursday, Friday afternoon, and most of the weekend.  I’m finally feeling a lot better tonight.


  • Sunday:  5.01-mile run

NAVY RESERVE. The website for one of our courses wasn’t working correctly and the issue seemed to be resolved.  I was able to complete that training and assist a member in finding some information in preparation for their AT.

ORGANIZATION.  I’m trying to streamline some of the standard chores and activities around the house.  I’ve been listening to Lisa Woodruff ‘s podcast, Organize 365, for the past couple weeks.  She has some great tips and I finally tried out her nifty Sunday Basket.  This is the first week, so it’s too early to tell anything yet, but I’m quite hopeful!

I told you things would be moving around a bit!  Aloha, a hui hou (until we meet again)!

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