Weekly Progress Report: March 26-April 1, 2017

My son was sick with strep two weeks ago and was getting over it just as my 3-year old daughter started to get it.  She couldn’t break her fever for a while and she certainly wasn’t sleeping very well.  If I wasn’t at work, she was cuddled up with me.  That means, I accomplished very little from my list this week.

LEARNING.  I’m continuing to make progress on the Become a PHP Developer learning path on Lynda.com. This week I’m 33% done with the Introducing PHP course.  According to Lynda.com:  37 hours of video tutorials remaining in this path.

DEVELOPMENT. Project: “The Store”

Weekly Progress:  I have a basic site set up on my local machine using DesktopServer.  I added two pages of products from their catalog to the site this weekend.  Only 28 more pages to go.

Project Scope:  This is a website re-design for a brick-and-mortar store I’m doing for a family member.  They currently have a static HTML website, but it needs some work.  The site itself is not responsive and does not allow the business to add their own products.  Once the re-design is complete, it will be fully responsive and use WooCommerce to display (but not sell) products on the site.  This will allow the business to easily add or update current inventory without having to rely on a developer or trying to dig into code.


  • Tuesday:  We held our monthly business meeting to discuss our reverse raffle and other department information.

PHYSICAL TRAINING.  I only went on one run last week and I felt absolutely horrible about it.  My daughter said she wanted to watch me as I walked out the front door.  I told her she could watch, but to shut the door as soon as she couldn’t see me anymore.  I figured she would go back to watching her movie and relaxing/resting up, but I was wrong.  As I approached the front door after my run, the poor kid was still there.  She didn’t leave the entire time I was gone.  I told her I wouldn’t run again until she was feeling better.

  • Running:  3.42 miles
  • Curl-Ups:  0
  • Push-Ups:  0


  • I was in Dayton this weekend for our drill weekend.  It was quite busy, as we had a new chief and I am still getting settled into the Leading Petty Officer position.

This was definitely a brief outline, but I really didn’t have a lot of time to work on this or anything else.  Luckily my daughter is finally starting to feel better now!

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