One More Coffee Mug #1 – WordPress Proudly Powered by Coffee

Every Wednesday I’m going to share One More Coffee Mug.  I currently have enough mugs to keep this going for at least two years.  Despite my wife being under the impression that I already have enough mugs, I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting ones.  It’s especially fun to get them from new places we go.

It’s only fitting to start this new feature with my favorite mug:  my WordPress “Proudly Powered by Coffee” mug.  I love these enough that I went ahead and bought a few of them from the WordPress Swag Store.  They make great gifts, too (No, I don’t earn a commission from them).

I like to start my day with a fresh pot of coffee while checking out the WordPress forums.

What’s your favorite coffee mug and why?

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  1. The logo is painted on/a decal. I use mine almost every day and it seems to hold up well. Of course, I also have three of them 😉

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