Weekly Progress Report: March 12-18, 2017

Welcome to my first weekly progress report, where I’m going to track what I’m working on each week.  This is just as much (or more) for me than it is for you, but maybe you’ll find something worthwhile.

LEARNING.  I’m continuing to make progress on the Become a PHP Developer learning path on Lynda.com. This week I’m 45% done with the JavaScript Essential Training course.  According to Lynda.com:  81 hours of video tutorials remaining in this path.

READING. Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers by Tim Ferris.

LISTENING [Audible]. Amaze Every Customer Every Time by Shep Hyken.

DEVELOPMENT. Project: “The Store”

Project Scope:  This is a website re-design for a brick-and-mortar store I’m doing for a family member.  They currently have a static HTML website, but it needs some work.  The site itself is not responsive and does not allow the business to add their own products.  Once the re-design is complete, it will be fully responsive and use WooCommerce to display (but not sell) products on the site.  This will allow the business to easily add or update current inventory without having to rely on a developer or trying to dig into code.

Weekly Progress:  Last week I worked on optimizing all the product photos.

FIRE DEPARTMENT. It was a busy week for the department.

  • Monday: We had a 2-hour meeting on Monday to discuss final planning stages for our annual reverse raffle on Saturday, March 18 at 6:00 PM.
  • Tuesday: On the way home from work we received a mutual aid call for a chimney fire. Luckily there wasn’t too much damage and it took about 2 hours from the time I got to the station until I made it home.
  • Wednesday: I’m taking over as treasurer for the department and had a meeting with our current treasurer about our reverse raffle. He is going to be out of town and we had to make sure I was clear on how everything was to go.
  • Saturday:   Our reverse raffle – our big fundraising event for the entire year.  This took up a good portion of the day Saturday and lasted until around 10:15 PM.  I was a little nervous with our treasurer out of town, so I was running the bank (with the much-appreciated help of another longtime firefighter).  It actually went better than I was expected and I’m excited to do it again next year!

PHYSICAL TRAINING.  As much as I want to start working out, I knew it wasn’t going to happen last week.  Even if we didn’t have the prep work for the reverse raffle to finish up, it had snowed and was pretty cold.  The sit-ups and curl-ups…well, have I mentioned I don’t like those?  Next week I’ll start with them.  You can hold me to that!

  • Running:  0 miles
  • Curl-Ups:  0
  • Push-Ups:  0


  • Leadership Training:  I’m 70% complete with Leadership Fundamentals on Lynda.com.
  • Short-fused events.  Sometimes we have events that come up that we need to try and get volunteers for.
  • Supplies.  It’s often hard to get supplies when budgets are tight, especially in the Reserves.  I’ve been trying to figure out what it’ll take to get our unit the supplies we need to we can make sure are training is as realistic and effective as possible.

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