Blogging Fundamentals Day 13: Build Your Brand

Today, create a custom blog icon.

You blog is getting more focused (and more readers!). Let’s reinforce your image.

Blogging Fundamentals, Day 13

My idea for the icon came from wanting something cheerful, inspiring happiness, reflecting the content I will be sharing, and being “me.”  I decided I would use the “G” from my first name and turn that into a smiley face.  It’s a simple design, but fitting for the site.

It’s a good thing this isn’t school because I kind of cheated on this – I came up with the design, but I didn’t create the icon, my wife did.  She does some custom design work at Angel Kiss Design, which is a good thing for me.  I’m always thinking of ideas, but am no good at actually implementing the designs!

What do you think of the icon?  What inspired your icon?

One Comment on “Blogging Fundamentals Day 13: Build Your Brand

  1. You’rs is really nice. Mine is the first letter of blog’s name on an angle in a nice font that I like. The color is inspired from the banana I was eating around the time I created the icon.

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