Blogging Fundamentals Day 9: Get Inspired by the Neighbors

Today, write a post that builds on one of these comments, and link to the other blog.
Blogging Fundamentals, Day 9

Yesterday I commented on a post titled, “Times Are a Changing,” on DailyThoughts717.

What happened to people today? Are we really that selfish that we can’t be polite anymore when someone does something nice for you. I work in a education environment and I help a lot of people throughout my day and it just boggles my mind on how many people are just rude. Did all of your manners just go out the window. I was brought up to be respectful of everyone, no matter what the situation.

I found this interesting because it’s a big part of what I’ll be writing about on this blog.  I plan to do a longer, more in-depth look at it in the future but thought it would be perfect for today’s Blogging Fundaments assignment.  Have you ever smiled at someone just because, held the door for a stranger, or said “hello” or “good morning” to someone you didn’t know?  What about things like saying “please” or “thank-you” when you ask for or receive help from someone?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly been hearing a lot more about people feeling entitled to things they shouldn’t.  The sad part is, I can see a difference even since I was a kid.  People aren’t as appreciative about the small things as they used to be.

Let’s bring aloha back and spread it to everyone in the world.

While you may think you can’t change someone’s behavior – and it’s true, some people won’t change – there is no way of knowing who those individuals are.  Sometime’s you’d be surprised with what a simple smile or greeting will do.  Someone may just be having a rough day and you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe it’s actually the right place at the right time.  That’s why it’s important to be nice to everyone; you just never know the circumstances.

My Challenge to You

I challenge you to live aloha every day of your life.  This is simple once you start, though it can initially require a big shift in your mindset.  Don’t complain about all the small things that aren’t going quite right.  Look at how many things are going right and the things you do have.  Be friendly, caring, smile, and say “Good morning/afternoon/evening” as you pass by others.  Is someone coming in the door behind you?  Hold the door for them.  Do you have a cart full of groceries and the person behind you only has a loaf of bread?  Offer to let them go before you.  Say thank-you when the waiter/waitress brings your food.  These are very simple tasks, but they can bring enormous results.

Aloha is contagious, too.  You don’t believe me?  Try being nice to every single person.  I guarantee you will make someone’s day and that will in turn lead them to doing the same for someone else.  Aloha to you, no matter what!  🙂


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