Blogging Fundamentals Day 5: Love Your Theme

Today, explore some themes. Try three new ones, even if you’re happy with the one you’ve got (you may find something that you like even better!).
Blogging Fundamentals:  Day 5

split_wood_pileI got a day behind on my posts so I’m trying to get caught up over the next couple of days.  Saturday I split a bunch of wood and think I may have overdone it with the sun and not getting enough to drink.   I didn’t leave the couch much yesterday, so I didn’t even attempt to work on the post.

I’m subscribed to News and immediately liked Scratchpad when I saw it was released in April, even before I was using

Day Five Deliverable

Since I am just starting out and still figuring out how I want things, I decided to focus only on free themes.  I would hate to spend money on a theme now only to change things in the next few weeks and have it not work for me anymore.

The three themes I checked out:

  1. Circa.
    Likes:  The design and colors just seem to have a “fun” feel to them.
    Dislikes:  I don’t care for sites that always have the menu collapsed/minimized by default; that’s OK for mobile, but I don’t like it on full-size sites.
  2. Fictive.
    Likes:  I like the clear distinction between individual posts and the small separation between the featured image from the rest of the post.
    Dislikes:  Something as short as “” is too long for the sidebar and goes over the edge.  I also prefer menu items across the top instead of down the side.  The width of the posts is also a little smaller than I would want.
  3. Twenty Sixteen.
    Likes:  I really like the simple layout and clean design.  This is the last theme I had used before switching to
    Dislikes:  I don’t care for the way lists are displayed; they stick out to the left of the text surrounding them.

Final Decision

I really like various features of the three themes I checked out, but each also had some things I didn’t care for.  My final decision came down to Twenty Sixteen and my current theme, Scratchpad.  There won’t be any changes being made today; I am sticking with Scratchpad.  The only thing I don’t care for in the theme is how the grid widgets stick out a little to the left of everything else, but I haven’t looked into it much yet.  Maybe there is even a way to change that.  Besides that one thing, I love my theme!

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