Day Three: Visit the Neighbors

Today, explore five new tags in the Reader and follow five new blogs.
Blogging: Fundamentals, Day 3 makes it easy to find new blogs to read and sites to follow within the Reader.  You can use the Discover feature to find random posts, or you can search for specific tags.

Day 3 Deliverable:  5 Sites I Chose to Follow

The five tags I explored today were:  WordPress, coffee, Hawai’i, happiness, and blogging.  There are a handful of sites I already read that came up in the results, including some on WordPress and more general technology; I choose not to use those as my picks because I am already following them in a sense.  I wanted to find new stuff.  This led me to the sites listed below that I am looking forward to following.

  1. Choosing Kind: Creating space for awareness and joy in our messy everyday lives.
    • Why I Chose it:  It seems like Jen Johnson-the writer behind Choosing Kind-and I have a similar mindset.  I enjoy her take on things, her persistence to stay positive, and raise kids “right.”
  2. The Daily Grind:  A daily dose of coffee news, brew tips, shop talk, and more.
    • Why I Chose it:  I love coffee and The Daily Grind looks like they have a nice mix of information, tips, and some pretty neat photos.
  3. Hawai’i News Digest:  Hawaii news, analysis, and commentary.
    • Why I Chose it:  I love everything there is about Hawai’i and like to keep up on the news – and this site certainly shares a lot of it.
  4. Irish Music, Oceans, and God’s Love:  Finding God’s mercy in beauty and truth
    • Why I Chose it:  Ireland has always fascinated me.  This site has some really beautiful pictures and poems to accompany them.
  5. The GRATITUDE Life:  GRATEFUL & POSITIVE expressions of Life: Faith, Health, Fitness, Family, Entertainment
    • Why I Chose It:  As the name implies, Linda seems to be a truly caring person that helps others in various ways, including the basic but effective method of being grateful.

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